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Gang Mower 3 Unite & 5 Unite & 7 Unite

Introducing the Gang Mower, a powerful and efficient tool designed to tackle even the largest lawns with ease. Available in 3 Unite, 5 Unite, and 7 Unite configurations, this mower offers exceptional performance and versatility for maintaining expansive green spaces. Say goodbye to time-consuming and labor-intensive mowing – the Gang Mower is here to revolutionize your lawn maintenance routine.

  • Cutter blades (06) Special material
  • Fine blade (01)
    Gear Carbon Steel Imported
  • Complete bearing and seal system
  • Cutting adjustment roller pipe Dia 3”
  • Folding handle heavy-duty shock system
  • Rubber Tyre 4 ply & imported rim
  • Clutch system rear free moving

Unmatched Coverage in Less Time

With the Gang Mower, you can cover a significantly larger area in a fraction of the time compared to traditional mowers. The combination of multiple cutting units working simultaneously ensures rapid and efficient mowing, minimizing the number of passes required. This means less time spent mowing and more time enjoying your beautifully manicured lawn.

Versatile Configurations for Any Lawn Size

No matter the size of your lawn, there’s a Gang Mower configuration that suits your needs. The 3 Unite model is perfect for smaller to medium-sized yards, while the 5 Unite and 7 Unite models are ideal for larger estates, parks, and sports fields. The adjustable cutting widths and customizable settings allow you to adapt the mower to your specific lawn requirements, providing precise and consistent results every time.

Professional-Grade Cutting Results

Experience professional-level cutting results with the Gang Mower. Each cutting unit is meticulously engineered with sharp, precision blades that deliver a clean and uniform cut. The robust construction ensures durability and reliability, even in demanding environments. Achieve a flawlessly groomed lawn that stands out for its exceptional appearance.

Enhanced Maneuverability and Control

Despite its size and power, the Gang Mower offers impressive maneuverability and control. The intuitive steering system allows for smooth and precise turns, enabling you to navigate around obstacles with ease. Whether you’re mowing around trees, flower beds, or other landscape features, this mower ensures exceptional maneuverability without compromising on cutting quality.


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