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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1 Year Service Warranty

➤ Bill will be subject to No Return No Exchange Policy

➤ Any Claim Regarding Warranty Shall be entertained at factory.

➤ Customer My Claim Warranty regarding Product within 1 Month of Delivery.

➤ Any Warranty Claim Later than 1 Month shall not be entertained.

➤ We offer no warranty for imported items

➤ In case Customer fails to receive order within stipulated time then Order will be deemed to be cancelled. However, Vendor will be at its sole discretion to return only the 50% of the advance payment after deduction as penalty amount.

➤ This Bill will always be subject to prevailing market rate. In case of increase in daily market rate the rate of quotation will be increased accordingly.

➤ All Rates are exclusive of all applicable Taxes

➤ All Rates are exclusive of Transportation and Loading Charges

➤ Customer has duly acknowledged and agreed the abovementioned the terms & conditions.