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Rotary Rough Cutter Export Quality

Experience the pinnacle of cutting power with the Rotary Rough Cutter Tractor Driven 60″. This exceptional tool is built to conquer the toughest vegetation, making it the go-to choice for landscaping professionals and property owners who demand the best.

  • Model No. Rotary 60”
  • Material Sheet MS sheet thickness 4mm
  • Cutting blade 3 horizontal rotary
  • Gear Carbon steel imported Material
  • Recommended Tractor 40-85 HP
  • Ball Bearings Complete bearings (18) and seal system
  • Hydraulic system Tractor hydraulic links.
  • Tyre Imported rubber tire heavy (04)Dia 9″*4”
  • Cutting Adjustment Cutting Height 16mm to 200mm
  • Drive Operated with P.T.O shaft 800 RPM
  • Manufacturers Rehmat Lawn Mowers Lahore.
  • Net Weight 200 KG

Conquer the Toughest Terrain

The Rotary Rough Cutter Tractor Driven 60″ is designed to tackle even the most challenging terrains with ease. From overgrown fields to unruly pastures, this cutter harnesses its raw cutting power to reclaim neglected areas and transform them into beautifully maintained landscapes. Say goodbye to daunting vegetation and hello to a clean and well-groomed outdoor space.

Effortless Precision Cutting

Precision cutting is the hallmark of the Rotary Rough Cutter Tractor Driven 60″. With its wide 60″ cutting deck and sharp blades, this cutter ensures efficient and precise cuts, even in dense vegetation. Experience the satisfaction of achieving uniform results and maintaining a professional aesthetic for your property.

Versatility for Various Landscaping Projects

From large-scale properties to commercial landscapes, the Rotary Rough Cutter Tractor Driven 60″ excels in various landscaping projects. Its versatility allows it to adapt to diverse terrains, making it the ideal choice for maintaining parks, golf courses, agricultural lands, and more. Unleash your creativity and tackle any landscaping challenge with confidence.


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