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Rotary Rough Cutter Tractor Driven 60"

Experience the ultimate cutting solution for rough terrains with the Rotary Rough Cutter Tractor Driven 60″. This robust and versatile tool is specifically designed to tackle the toughest vegetation, enabling you to reclaim overgrown areas and transform them into well-maintained spaces.

  • Model No. Rotary 60”
  • Material Sheet MS sheet thickness 4mm
  • Cutting blade 3 horizontal rotary
  • Gear Carbon steel imported Material
  • Recommended Tractor 40-85 HP
  • Ball Bearings Complete bearings (18) and seal system
  • Hydraulic system Tractor hydraulic links.
  • Tyre Imported rubber tire heavy (04)Dia 9″*4”
  • Cutting Adjustment Cutting Height 16mm to 200mm
  • Drive Operated with P.T.O shaft 800 RPM
  • Manufacturers Rehmat Lawn Mowers Lahore.
  • Net Weight 200 KG

Unmatched Power and Performance

The Rotary Rough Cutter Tractor Driven 60″ harnesses raw power to effortlessly cut through thick grass, weeds, brush, and vegetation. Powered by a tractor, this cutter delivers exceptional performance even in the most challenging environments. Conquer overgrown landscapes with ease and restore order to neglected areas.

Precision Cutting Efficiency

Equipped with a wide 60″ cutting deck, this rotary rough cutter ensures maximum efficiency and coverage. Its sharp blades slice through the toughest vegetation, providing a clean and uniform cut. With precision engineering and a robust build, this tool delivers reliable and consistent performance, allowing you to achieve impressive results every time.

Effortless Operation and Durability

Make your cutting tasks a breeze with the Rotary Rough Cutter Tractor Driven 60″. Designed for ease of use and built to last, this cutter ensures hassle-free operation and delivers long-term durability, making it the go-to choice for demanding outdoor projects.

User-Friendly Design

Operating the Rotary Rough Cutter Tractor Driven 60″ is a straightforward and user-friendly experience. Its intuitive controls and ergonomic design provide optimal comfort and ease of operation. Spend less time wrestling with complicated machinery and more time focusing on achieving the perfect cut.


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