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Rotary Slasher 48" - 60"

The Rotary Slasher 48″ – 60″ ensures superior cutting efficiency, allowing you to tackle any cutting task with ease. Its sharp blades effortlessly slice through thick grass, weeds, brush, and vegetation, ensuring a clean and uniform cut. Say goodbye to uneven and untidy landscapes, and embrace the satisfaction of achieving pristine results every time.

  • Rotary Slasher 4ft
  • Cutting width 4 Fee
  • P.T.O Speed 540 Rpm
  • Body Thickness 6/7mm
  • Gear Carbon steel
  • (02) Horizontal Blade
  • (04) wheel Fully Adjustment

Customizable Cutting Width

With the Rotary Slasher 48″ – 60″, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred cutting width. Whether you opt for the 48″ or 60″ model, this slasher allows you to adapt to different landscapes and tailor your cutting experience to meet your specific requirements. Experience the freedom to tackle both small and large areas efficiently, ensuring a precise and efficient cutting process.

Versatility for Various Applications

This versatile slasher excels in a wide range of applications. From clearing overgrown fields and pastures to maintaining road shoulders and embankments, the Rotary Slasher 48″ – 60″ is designed to handle diverse cutting tasks. Its adaptability makes it an invaluable asset for landscaping professionals, farmers, and property owners seeking reliable and efficient cutting solutions.

Low Maintenance Requirements

We understand the importance of a hassle-free cutting experience. The Rotary Slasher 48″ – 60″ requires minimal maintenance, saving you time and effort. Spend less time on upkeep and more time focusing on your cutting projects. With its efficient design and durable components, this slasher simplifies your workflow and ensures a seamless operation, allowing you to maximize your productivity.


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